Premier Property Management Company in Dubai

Silk valley is premier property management company in dubai that maximize your returns Upto 40% More than yearly rentals.

Pioneer team of Holiday Homes in Dubai.
Upto 40% more proven Return than yearly rentals.
Freedom to Stay and Sell your property, 2 month Notice period.
Helping investors achieve record profits for the past 10 years.

Stop Running after 5-8% ROI

When you can make Upto 40% more than yearly rentals.

Get Free Revenue Projection.

Benefits of working with property management company in Dubai.

Flexible owner Stays.

Forget about dealing with contracts and the hassle of overlapping guest bookings. Our property management company offers a technology solution that puts you in charge of your property, ensuring it's always available for your use. Now, you have the freedom to reserve your property exclusively for occasions, family get-togethers, or simply for some alone time.

Hassle Free Income.

Experience the perks of short-term rentals managed by a property management company: earn as your property appreciates. Guests pay premium rates for fully equipped, guest-ready spaces, boosting your income. No fixed commitments and the added freedom to sell at any time. Enjoy hassle-free earnings while your property's value flourishes over time, a genuinely advantageous arrangement for property owners.

Superior Return on investment.

Discover the next level of financial independence by leveraging your apartment or villa as a lucrative asset with the help of expert property managers. Our platform empowers property owners and landlords in Dubai to generate effortless income as we open doors to our guests. Our flexible arrangements, by property managers in Dubai, take care of your personal needs.

No long-term commitments.

Join our exclusive community and unlock true possibilities of your investments and experience flexible contracts potential to upsell your property as you want whenever you want. Enjoy freedom of life precious movements and peace of mind with our commitment to excellence guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

How we ensure peace of mind for property owners?


Team of Professionals

From Check In to Check Out. Our property managers handles everything smoothly.

Screening Policy

We 100% screen the the guests before they check in to your Holiday Home.

Multiple OTA's

We List the properties on Multiple OTA's and market places across the globe.

No More Financial Mysteries. Count on our transparent support

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Happy Guests, Happy Owners

positive relationships less vacancy rate

renting your property in Dubai
Earn Upto 40% More than yearly rentals.

maximize your rental income and ROI

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Owners' Freedom: More Time for You

You can relax all the time.

Happy Guests this year

Muhammad Asim
Muhammad Asim
That was awesome my stay & brand new furniture as well All services on time by honestly will refer to all the time)
ΠšΠ»Π°Ρ€Π° Айбазова
ΠšΠ»Π°Ρ€Π° Айбазова
Best company. I will always choose in Dubai !
Hina Sameen
Hina Sameen
Amazing service and beautiful apartments 100% recommended

Our Property management services in dubai and Abu Dhabi for you.​

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Listing Management

Silk Valley Holiday Homes in Dubai | Property management services in dubai

Interior Design

Property cleaning & Maintainance | Property management services in dubai

Cleaning & Maintenance

Management Support | Property management services in dubai

Management Support

Why Choose Us as Property Management company in dubai?

With Silk Valley Holiday Homes your property is in safe hands and we manage it with care and proven strategies that have helped our hosts enjoy more income than yearly rentals without any hassle or stress.Β 

When you choose Silk ValleyΒ to manage your property, you are not just reaching out to a property management company in dubai you are reaching a team who has experience of working with hospitality icons like Jumeirah International, Burj al Arab and leaders who have developed 5 Star canvas hotel brand from scratch and successfully operated it.

Β Our services cover everything from screening tenants toΒ housekeeping, collecting rent, maintaining properties, ensuring compliance with regulations, andΒ marketing strategies.Β Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure day-to-day operations while increasing property value and generating income for property owners.Β What sets us apart is our commitment to providing professional management that prioritizes compliance and meets each property’s requirements.

Your Trusted Property managers in Dubai

Free Signup
No Contractual Obligation
Higher ROI
Flexible Owner Stays
Freedom to sell anytime
Managed by Founding members & Pioneers of UAE Holiday homes

Premier Holiday homes company dubai

In the realms of holiday homes in dubai or short term rentals, our founding team legalize the holiday homes activity with DTCM in Dubai. Silk valley have the most experienced team in vacation rentals management in dubai. Silk valley is currently taking care ofΒ  many types of properties, including homes, apartments and villas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi as trusted holiday homes company in dubai.Β 

On Boarding process! how it works?

Property inspection.

Revenue projection.

Sign Agreement.

Property inventory sheet.

DTCM Unit permit & insurance.

Interior solutions.

Professional Photos

Pricing Strategies

20+Β  OTA’s Listing

Β Digital marketing

Guest check-in/check-out.



Monthly Reporting.

Monthly fund transfer toΒ  owner’s bank account.


Property Owners Reviews

Michael and Samantha H
Michael and Samantha HOwners at Dubai marina
Read More
With silk valley holiday homes, we have witnessed a significant increase in our rental property's returns. Their expertise in property management, coupled with their strategic marketing efforts, has attracted a steady flow of bookings We are grateful for their exceptional service.
Tom and Lisa K
Tom and Lisa KOwner at Downtown
Read More
As property owners partnering with Silk Valley Holiday Homes was our best decision , we have experienced a seamless and hassle-free property management journey. From the moment we joined forces, Silk Valley has taken care of every aspect, from listing our property on various platforms to handling bookings and ensuring guest satisfaction.
Sarah Sheikh.
Sarah Sheikh.Owner at JLT
Read More
We are delighted to have Silk Valley Holiday Homes as our trusted partner in managing our property. Their professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail have exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Silk Valley to property owners looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner in the vacation rental industry

Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is property management?

Property management involves assigning real estate supervision and administration to professionals or third-party contractors. These experts handle various tasks, including operations, maintenance, tenant management and ensuring compliance with regulations.

They aim to ensure thatΒ  properties are well maintained and perform optimally.

Why do I need a property management service?

Property management services can save you time, reduce stress, and ensure that your property is well-maintained and profitable. We handle various tasks, making your investment hassle-free.

What service silk valley holiday homes offers?

As we are the best property management company in Dubai. Our company provides comprehensive management services. The scope of property management encompasses several activities, such as marketing and short-term rental management, Guest screening, documentation, accounting and reporting, inspection and maintenance, and dispute resolution.

What types of property management service we provide?

We offer a comprehensive range of property management services that cater to various property types.

Our services encompass Guest screening,Β  management, rent collection, property maintenance, regulatory compliance, marketing, and overall operational oversight tailored to the specific needs of each property type.

We effectively manage and maintain residential spaces like homes, apartments, villas and condos for short term rentals, our expertise covers a wide spectrum to ensure effective and efficient property management in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi.

How much i will be able to make compared to long-term rentals?

The Answer really depend on type of property, location, and Demand but on average range you'll be able to make Upto 25-40% more return than yearly rentals.

How Does Silk Valley ensure safety of property?

SVHH ensure property safety through insurance and professional housekeeping,Β  maintenance teams. Property insurance is a requirement from DTCM and DTC to have your property live as a Holiday Home. You can do this yourself with any insurer of your choice, or we can do this for you. The cost is between AED 500-1800 per year depending on the size and valuables.

How does Silk Valley ensure Higher occupancy rate?

Our property managers list and market the properties through 18+ Professional OTA's and channels to ensure maximum occupancy rate.

How much share owner takes from property earning?

By listing property to SVHH. Owners will enjoy 80% of Hassle-Free total Earning.

What is the notice period compared to long-term rentals?

SVHH provides shorter notice period to property owners of only 2 months as compared to long-term rentals. Which ultimately provide freedom and control to owners.

Does the commission go up and down with seasonality?

No, the commission stays the same throughout the year. This is the most transparent method, as we make money in proportion to your revenue – no more and no less.

Do i have the freedom to sell my property any-time?

YES ! owners have the freedom to sell their property any-time. All they have to do is serve the notice.Β 

Do Holiday Homes appreciate in value?

Yes definitely – the property appreciates as normal as per the market. Best part is that you make money throughout. We also find that many buyers target holiday homes and pay more (buying properties which are already operating as holiday homes), so that they continue earning money as soon as the sale comes through.

Can I still have a say in the management of my property?

Yes, you have the final say in major decisions, and we work closely with property owners to ensure their preferences are considered.

What is the duration of your property management contracts?

Profit Beyond Possibilities. Uncover the Earning Power of Your Property.

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