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The Silk Valley listings team goes the extra mile to make sure your Airbnb property listing dubai shines in the crowded market. Here’s how we do it:

**Creating Eye-Catching Listings**: We craft and curate your property listing with care. This involves snapping top-notch photos that showcase your home’s best features and editing them to perfection. We also create custom descriptions that highlight what makes your property unique and attractive to potential renters.

**Multi-Platform Promotion**: We’re all about getting your property noticed. We not only create your listing but also publish it across various platforms where we advertise properties. This means your listing reaches a wide audience, increasing your chances of finding the perfect tenant.

**Ongoing Monitoring and Updates**: Our job doesn’t end when the listing goes live. We keep a watchful eye on all the platforms, ensuring your listing remains fresh and competitive. If updates are needed or new opportunities arise, we’re right on top of it to maximize your property’s potential.

So, whether you’re looking to short rent out your Dubai property or find the ideal guests, our dedicated listings team is here to make it happen seamlessly.

Airbnb property listing dubai
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What’s Included in Airbnb property listing dubai

Photography and Editing

Our in-house photographers take beautiful photos of the property, including all views and building amenities. The photos are edited for the best flow, emphasizing the most important features of the property.


Property Descriptions

The listings team writes catchy and unique Airbnb property descriptions, along with any area-specific references. Then the team lists the property on the multiple advertising channels, editing them to suit the channel used.


Updating Listings

The listings team continuously checks properties and the channels to ensure information is correct throughout. They also update listings if required, in the event of pool closures, works in buildings or property upgrades – as an example. This ensures guests are aware of any new information. The team is also responsible for responding to guest reviews.


Where we list properties

How long should my Airbnb description be?

Not too short and not too long! The description should help the guest understand the specifics of the property before they book, without boring the guest to death.

Should I show pictures of the surrounding area?

Yes! This helps guests better understand their location, and makes them feel more comfortable booking.

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