Extended FAQs for Property Owners

We know it can be a mix of excitement and curiosity, especially if you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ve compiled this FAQs section, customized specifically for property owners or hosts like you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fresh face in the game, our aim is to provide you with straightforward answers and clever tips to ensure your holiday home stands out in competitive market. Let’s dive into this journey together!

DTCM Unit Permit related

What is a holiday home?

A holiday home, according to DTCM, is simply a furnished place (like a studio or a multi-bedroom apartment) located on the mainland or in a freezone. This place can be rented out to guests as long as it meets certain activity terms and criteria.

What Documents are required to obtain Unit permit from dtcm?

To get things started, if you're an individual owner or tenant, provide a clear copy of your passport or UAE ID. If it's a company-owned property, include a copy of the owner's or one of the partner's passport or UAE ID, along with the company's license documents or articles of association.


Next up, ensure you have authorization to use the unit. This involves a copy of the property Title Deed and an authorization from the owner, using the official form from DTCM. If the owner is a company, an authorized (NOC) signatory can sign the form, with proof of their authorization also needed.


Lastly, include a bill from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority that's no less than three months old from the application date. It should be in the name of the owner or the Licensee (or tenant) of the unit.

What is the yearly DTCM fee for Unit permit?

The yearly required fee for unit permit is 370 AED.

Can a tenant rent out property as a short-rental?

As a tenant, you're allowed to sub-let one property, but there are specific requirements:

You must obtain written approval from your Landlord, giving you permission to sub-let the unit for holiday purposes.

Make sure you have a valid tenancy contract and Ejari.

Can Hotel apartments be listed as holiday home?

Here's a key distinction: only properties with a residential classification can be licensed as holiday homes. Hotel apartments fall under a different category and don't qualify for this type of license.

Owner Stays

Can i use my property when its managed by silk valley holiday homes?

Yes you can stay in your property as per agreed in management agreement and It is advised to owners not to stay more 30 days especially in high demand season as it will impact income generation of property.

How can i book my owner stays?

Owners can book their stays from owners portal or can inform us 48 hours before with the following details : Check-in, Check-out [Dates and time ] and id copies of family members.

What happens if i stay for longer period of time during agreement?

For all our active properties, we provide comprehensive management services, such as covering utility bills, coordinating maintenance, overseeing check-ins and check-outs, and managing various administrative tasks. Additionally, we handle community and government interactions, pay fixed fees for property management systems, and maintain listings on local portals like Dubizzle, Bayut, and Property Finder. To recover our operational costs, for Owner Stays longer than 30 days, we may apply a discounted yet fixed Management Fee based on market rental rates.

Utilities and Payments

What utilities are mandatory to have as holiday home?

When your property is managed as a holiday home, there are a few essential utilities you'll need to have in place:

  1. DEWA for electricity, water, and sewerage services.
  2. High-speed internet [Etisalat or Du] with cable channels for seamless connectivity.
  3. AC or Chilled Water supply to keep the space comfortable.
  4. If your stove or oven runs on gas, you'll need a supply of GAS.

Who will pay the utilities of unit?

The responsibility of paying all utility bills lies with the Landlord, and they usually settle these on a monthly basis. But if you'd like, we're happy to take care of this for you, and there won't be any additional charges. Simply give us written instructions expressing your preference, along with the relevant account details for payment.

Financial reporting and Income Transfer

When i will receive my revenue as a property owner or landlord?

All you have to do is share your bank details with us and you will receive your monthly income before 15th of every month except for sunday or public holidays.  

When will i receive my income statement as a owner?

You will receive whole picture of your financial statement including your income and expenses through your owners portal for each month before 15th.

Tourism dirham fee

What is the tourism dirham free and procedure?

Let's talk Tourism Dirham fees: they're billed per room, per night, regardless of how many guests are staying. For Deluxe Holiday Homes, it's AED 15 per room per night, and for Standard Holiday Homes, it's AED 10 per room per night. If you're planning a stay longer than 30 nights, the Tourism Dirham will only be calculated for the first 30 consecutive nights from your check-in date. And keep in mind, the guest check-in document is valid for up to three months, and you can renew it for another three months as long as you do so before it expires.

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